Sweet Potato Chews: Easy, Natural, Cheap, Homemade, DIY Dog Treat Recipe



Finding natural and wholesome dog chews that are as safe as possible is difficult. 
Many chews at the store contain ingredients we've never heard of or have parts that break off and can injure our pets, which is worrying. 
We made these delicious, healthy, and natural dog chews that our pooches love! The extra chewing makes them effective at keeping their teeth clean. They are also safe for younger dogs and work great at keeping them occupied.
They are super simple and only require one ingredient, sweet potatoes! 
Sweet potatoes are a healthy treat for your dog. They are bursting with nutrients and vitamins. There are many benefits to adding them to your dogs' diet, including:
  • High in fiber keeping your dogs' digestive system moving
  • Contain antioxidants that may have cancer-fighting properties
  • Source of carbohydrates for energy
  • Improve vision and brain function
Let us know if you give these a try, and send a picture of your beautiful doggies!


This recipe is designed as a treat for your dog and should not be fed in place of their regular food. Treats should only make up a maximum of 10% of your dogs' daily food intake.
The treat quantity and size can be altered to suit your dog.
All treats can pose a choking risk. always watch your dog when they are eating.
Please contact your veterinarian with any questions and before introducing new foods to your dogs' diet.


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How To Make Our Sweet Potato Dog Chews

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Quick Video On How To Make Our Sweet Potato Dog Chews

Disclaimer: Always check with your veterinarian or nutritionist before feeding your dog new foods.



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Disclaimer: Each dog is different, and every circumstance is different. All efforts have been made to provide accurate information. However, it is not provided by a qualified Veterinarian, Veterinarian Surgeon, or Behaviorist. The information provided is purely educational. The information should not be used as an alternative or substitute for medical care. If you have any health or medical concerns, contact a qualified Veterinary Surgeon or Veterinarian immediately.



  • The chews should last up to 2 weeks in an airtight container.
    However, if you notice any change in the appearance or smell of the chews, we would recommend disposing of them.

    Amalie @ Wild Barkers
  • I would also like to know how long they will last?

  • Do you refrigerate these and how long do they last?

  • Do these need to be refrigerated and how long will they last?


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Sweet Potato Chews

Servings: 1


  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 2 hours 0 mins
  • Total Time: 2 hours 5 mins


  • - Sweet Potato
  • Instructions

    1. Wash the sweet potato. 
    2. Cut the sweet potato into thin slices and remove the ends.
    3. Preheat the oven to 210 degrees F (100 degrees C). Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
    4. Place the sliced sweet potato on the baking sheet.
    5. Pat the sweet potato dry with a kitchen towel.
    6. Bake for 1 hour.
    7. After the hour, flip the sweet potato slices.
    8. Bake for 1 hour more. Once done, turn off the oven and leave in the oven until both the oven and sweet potato are cold.
    9. Enjoy!
    10. Store the remaining in an airtight container.