Do Dogs Get Hiccups? Serious Symptom or Natural Habit?

Do dogs get hiccups? Yes, just like humans, dogs also get hiccups. The main reason behind hiccups is the involuntary spasms within the diaphragm.
Can hiccups cause any harm to dogs? Can you help them during the hiccup process? Are hiccups a symptom of something more serious? Scroll down and read more to find out!


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What Are Hiccups?


Many scientists have previously asked themselves the same question, but none of which have found a definite answer. All theories suggest that all living mammals can experience hiccups but can't suggest why we hiccup or the reasoning behind it. Some theories suggest we adopted it when in the womb, the fetus would be "testing" it's breathing muscles before entering the real world.
Although we can't exactly define why mammals hiccup. We can undoubtedly explain and understand how this process happens.

The Process of Hiccuping

Hiccups are small, short, and involuntary contractions to the diaphragm muscle. The nerves between your neck and back can become slightly irritated, thus causing "hiccups." Eating too fast or drinking too much are common causes of hiccups.
When the stomach is full (liquid or food), it can press against and irritate the diaphragm causing "hiccups." Unfortunately, our furry friends tend to swallow just about anything on the floor, thus causing their stomach to become full quickly. This ultimately causes them to have hiccups, yes, you read that right. Dogs do get hiccups too!

Can Dogs Get Hiccups?


Believe it or not, dogs can indeed get hiccups. All mammals react in the same way to the diaphragm being pressed or irritated by hiccuping. Puppies are more likely to get hiccups as they will eat and drink a lot faster than a fully grown adult.
Just like us humans, dogs will find hiccups slightly annoying yet amusing. More often than not, the hiccups should slowly ease and stop after a short period. However, if they become a regular occurrence or continue for extended periods of time, you should seek help and advice from your local veterinarian.

Why Do Dogs Get Hiccups?


Just like the humans' hiccups, scientists are yet to find a reason why dogs get hiccups. However, we do know that hiccups are much more common in puppies compared to older dogs.
Some researchers have suggested recorded breathing and the time of hiccups. The results indicated the hiccups would begin before breathing movements. As the young pup grows, their breathing movements are more stable, thus resulting in a lower frequency of hiccups.
The majority of the time, dogs' will get hiccups due to their increased speed of eating or drinking too much water. On some occasions, there are no explanations for puppies hiccups, and they will get them for no apparent reason.
Unlike humans, dogs will very rarely know that they have hiccups. It can also be difficult for an owner to detect whether their pup has hiccups or not. Is it serious? What do you need to do?


How Can You Help Relieve Your Dog's Hiccups?


When your little furry friend gets hiccups, there is no need for you to get worried. The hiccups will tend to go away on their own after a short time. However, if you start to notice the hiccups become more frequent and go on for a sustained period of time you should seek advice from your local vet.
They're a few things an owner can do to help relieve the stress of your dog's hiccups. Firstly, unlike humans, do NOT feed your dog a spoonful of sugar or syrups, as this is not good for their digestive system.
Also, shocking or causing a fright in humans can be an excellent hiccup cure. However, it is highly recommended you do NOT do this to any aged dog as it could cause them to become anxious or scared.
You CAN, however, slowly rub their stomach to try and relax the diaphragm, this will help ease their stress levels. You can also gradually introduce low levels of exercise; a short walk around the yard or a quiet area will be an excellent remedy.
It is also a GOOD idea to help your dog sip water slowly as this will ease the hiccups. Dogs tend to get hiccups when eating their food too fast. There are dog bowls on the market that help to slow down the eating process, and it may be a good idea to purchase one of these if hiccups become regular after meals.

How Often Do Dogs Get Hiccups?


Hiccups are much more common in puppies than adult dogs.
Puppies are more likely to get hiccups as their excitement and energy levels are much higher than those in an adult dog. Therefore, when it comes to eating a meal, they're much quicker and race to finish it as soon as possible, thus one of the leading causes of hiccups.
The puppies' organs and body systems are much less mature, and this may contribute to the frequency and intensity of hiccups.

What Happens If The Hiccups Don't Ever Go?


If you notice your dogs' hiccups become more frequent, last much longer, or do not ever go, you will need to seek medical advice as soon as possible. This could be a symptom of something more serious, and a local professional will need to examine your dog.




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