How To Make A Snuffle Mat: A Cheap and Easy Enrichment Activity For Dogs



Mentally stimulating your dog with enrichment activities is a great way to keep them happy, healthy, and engaged. Snuffle mats are the perfect way for them to use their brains, and incredible noses. Nosework engages their natural instinct and desire to hunt.
Snuffling through the mat is like solving a puzzle, and being rewarded with a tasty treat. It keeps all pets entertained and helps tire them mentally. 
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Benefits Of Using A Snuffle Mat

  • Helps slow down speedy eaters (fill it with dinner so they can snuffle for it)
  • Keeps pets entertained
  • Mentally stimulating and exhausting

How To Make A Snuffle Mat

Snuffle mats can be expensive to buy! Our DIY came in at under $15 and was so easy to make.  



  • Rubber mat (can be a sink drainer, shower mat, or outdoor mat as long as it has holes) - we used a 27x16 inch (70x40cm) door mat
  • Blanket or fleece - we used 80x120 inches (2x3m) blanket
  • Sharp scissors


    1. Once you have gathered your equipment, begin by cutting the blanket into 2x12 inch strips. Don't worry if it's not super accurate. Different lengths work well for snufflin'.
    2. Turn the mat upside down. Thread a strip of the blanket through so the ends are on the top side of the mat.
    3. Tie a single knot with the two ends.
    4. Continue until the entire row is complete.
    5. Complete the mat lengthways. This can be time consuming, so I tend to make the mats in front of the TV.
    *If your mat is looking sparse, repeat the threading widthways.*
    6. Sprinkle with kibble or dinner.
    7. Snuffle!

    Quick Video On How To Make A Snuffle Mat

    Disclaimer: Always supervise your dog when using enrichment toys.

    Printable PDF Guide

    Not ready to make the snuffle mat? Looking to share the instructions with friends?
    Print the guide here and save and share! 




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    • At one time, I had 109 beagles (not counting puppies) Could I handle them and see that each had a shuffle mat?

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